Tencent Privacy

Cookie Policy Statement

1. What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is a neutral technology that enables a website server to store data on your device or to read data from your device. A Cookie file stores certain information about a user's access or use of the website and is in the format of .txt. The content of a Cookie is usually encrypted. A safe Cookie technology may bring more convenient service to users when surfing online.

2. Why do we use Cookies?

Cookies are important in improving user experience. Tencent generally uses Cookies for the purposes below:

Category of Purposes Description and Example
Identity Authentication

Cookies notify us when you sign into our services so that we can authenticate your identity to ensure the security of your account.

For example, Cookies will notify us when you log into Tencent services, so we can tell whether it is logged in safely by yourself and show you your relevant information when you access to any of Tencent's websites.


Cookies allow us to provide service for you according to personalized settings which based on your preferred look and appearance of our services.

For example, we use Cookies to record whether you have read certain notifications to avoid repetitive notice; we also use Cookies to remember your personalized text display settings (such as font, text size etc.). Our websites will make automatic adjustments according to your previous settings.


Cookies help us to protect the security of our data and services, and to detect cheating, hacker and fraudulent activities against our products or services.

For example, we use Cookies to store security identifier, which is used by a server to verify whether you log into our website by yourself in a regular manner. The security identifier contains encrypted information and allows us to block many kinds of attacks, prevent cross-website information theft and unauthorized attempt using other's identification.

Features and Services

Cookies may help us to provide better products and services for users.

For example, when you log in, your user name recorded in Cookies during your previous use of our services will be automatically filled in to provide you a more efficient service.


Cookies could avoid unnecessary server load, improve service efficiency, and reduce resource and energy consumption.

For example, Cookies may help us to route traffic among servers and measure the loading speed of different users. Sometimes we may use Cookies for faster loading and response during your use.

Analytics and Research

We use these cookies to understand, improve our products and services and to provide reference data for the research and development of new products or features.

For example, we use cookies to understand how you use our services in order to improve user experience. When you log in our services, we may collect information such as time spent during each step of your log in process so as to help our research and analytics to further optimize and improve our products.

Advertising Optimization

We use Cookies to make our advertising more engaging to the users and more valuable to advertisers and publishers.

For example, Cookies may help us to provide you advertising that you may be interested in on Tencent’s websites or in our software. We also use Cookies to know whether a user who saw an ad on Tencent’s website later visits the advertiser’s website. Similarly, our partners may use a Cookie to determine whether we have shown an ad and how it performed, or provide us with information about how you interact with ads.

3. How to manage Cookies?

Most browsers give you the ability to manage Cookie features. When you manage browser Cookie settings, you can allow Cookies from sites you trust while disable Cookies from other sites. For example, you can manage Cookies in the content settings of QQ web browser. At the same time, you can enable “Do Not Track” (“DNT”) feature so that you will not be tracked by cookies.