Tencent Privacy

About Our Advertising

In order to serve you with more relevant and useful ads, we will personalize ads that you may receive based on your previous use of our services. Our advertisers may also use Tencent’s advertising platforms to display ads to you. You have the option to opt out of the said personalization, but please understand that this cannot block non-personalized ads for you.

1. Understanding Tencent’s Advertising Policy

Operations for our free, high quality services provided to you are supported by revenue from ads. Without that revenue, it would be unsustainable for us to provide you with more free, high quality services. To ensure optimal user experience and to minimize the inconvenience caused to you by irrelevant ads, we endeavor to serve you with more relevant and useful ads that may be of your interest based on your previous use of our services. When displaying such ads to you, we will endeavor to protect and secure your data.

2. How to Manage Your Interest-Based ads

You can manage interest-based ads on Tencent ads platform.

If you wish to opt out of interest-based ads, you can also click here [or if you are located in the European Union click here]. Please note that if you opt out , you may still receive ads, but they won’t be based on your interests.

3. Our Participation in the Advertising Industry Standards

Tencent participated in the personal information protection standards as a member of the standards group of China Advertising Association. Tencent is also the initiator and executor of the Framework Standards on Users’ Information Protection in Online Behavioral Advertising in China.